Sunday, 25 September 2011

Exciting new images coming soon!

First new blog in a while! I have been so incredibly busy with everything that I havent had much time to update my blog!

I have some excellent images to come soon from the shoot with the winner of my Twitter corset competition, as well as a gorgeous shoot with my JessieJ inspired costume, worn by a Twitterer who got in touch after JessieJ herself re-Tweeted about my search for a model/lookalike!

Last week I was in working with the English National Opera on costumes for their new show, 'The Marriage Of Figaro' which starts in a few weeks. It was all corsets, bodices and cartridge pleated skirts! Very historical! Seems like the show is going to be very unusual though, and I even had a sneaky peak at the staging while I was in the theatre, and its going to be fab! Tickets can be bought here:

I am working on a replica of a Naval 'Hornblower' costume this week for a gentleman who's friends clubbed together and bought him a 'CostumesByWendy' voucher for his 70th birthday! This way he got to chose what he wanted me to make for him! And this was the reference we are working from. Its going to look like the image above, which is a historical original from the Greenwich Maritime Museum. The gentleman has apparently legendary costume parties, so we are aiming to get this piece finished for Christmas in time for a fabulous costume ball!

Panto jobs have started coming in thick and fast! As has a really exciting project for the next music video for the awesome pop diva 'Reeson', which I am very excited about!!! More on that soon!

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