Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Reeson Launch Party Costumes

Due to some technical issues, I was struggling to update the Blog! But its all sorted now and is up and running!!

The last few weeks have been pretty busy! We had the "Reeson" VIP Launch Party, which was an amazing night, and the change to see the new Electro-Pop diva perform her new tracks, including her debut single 'Fly' which will be released later this summer! So watch this space as she's gonna be HUGE!

The brief for the costumes was all about 'The Phoenix'... So I immediately thought colours, feathers, pop brights, textures, bird shapes and sex appeal. We wanted something that was cool and edgy, but that still said something about who she was, and was fun!

I designed a smoking hot wet look lycra body suit with a plunge neckline and high leg to elongate the body line. I teamed this with feathers at the bust for an edgier look, and added feathers to the legline to create a skirt effect under the bodysuit.

I then added a full pleated half skirt on a belt clip, in brightly coloured organza to nod towards the 'tail feathers' of the Phoenix. This also added a 'bustle' shape to the over all silhouette which looked fab on stage! She then removed this during a lyric for the catchiest (in my opinion!) track 'Take It Off'!

I then also added a full collar made form netting and feathers which she wore for the final song only as a real impact statement look to finish with.

I put the backing dancers in simple, but cool looking black leotard/bodies with a mesh plunge detail at the front, and then added a small amount of the same feathers used for Reeson's costume to one shoulder on each girl. We then made these AMAZING wings which were completed detachable. The were painstakingly made in organza feather shaped cut outs in different coloured reds and yellows. The moved fantastically as the dancers moved, and framed Reeson for the performance!

All in all the showcase was amazing, and she looked fabulous!

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